Sunday, July 09, 2006

A walk in Jerusalem

Yesterday I took some photos of a path I very frequently walk - along Emek Refaim St. towards the apartment where I'm staying. Some images from that walk:

This shows a frequent graffito around here - בשר = רצח, "meat=murder," presumably referring to the eating of meat. Another local graffito, for which I unfortunately don't have a photo: צמחונות מצילה חיים - "vegetarianism saves life."

This is a local shop that sells prepared goodies, including stuffed grape leaves, various cheeses, smoked fish, etc.

48 Emek Refaim St., a Realtor.

A plant store, also selling lots of flowers - see below.

Flowers for Shabbat.

Cafe Hillel - a plaque marking the suicide terrorist attack in which 7 people were killed.

Flowers in the window of Pizza Meter, an Israeli pizza chain.

A bicycle, chained to the fence that prevents people from parking their cars on the sidewalk (I am not making that up, it's a frequent plague in Jerusalem that forces pedestrians to walk on the street).

The gate of a house on Yehoshua bin Nun St.

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  1. the pictures don't seem to be working, but that basar=retzahh graffiti is really EVERYWHERE!