Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nazareth: 2 children killed in rocket barrage

Two brothers, three and nine years old, were killed Wednesday afternoon when a Katyusha barrage hit the town of Nazareth. The rockets pummeled the town, hitting various neighborhoods. The two children were killed when their house sustained a direct rocket hit. Reports of a third fatality were being verified.

The two casualties Wednesday raised the civilian death toll since the beginning of the fighting to 15. Magen David Adom reported that 76 people were injured in rocket attacks on the Valley area, including 26 who suffered from shock....

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called Nazareth Mayor Ramez Jiraisi to express his condolences over the killing of the townspeople and to offer aid. Jiraisi told Ynet he heard the reports while driving.

During the morning hours, the Home Front Command recommended alertness and caution. "Today we held children's camps inside buildings. This is a very crowded neighborhood. I have no idea what the identities of those killed are," Jaraisi said.
These were two Israeli Arab children who were killed. Katyushas don't distinguish between Jews and Arabs.

Two Israeli soldiers were also killed in fighting with Hizbollah terrorists just north of the border near Kibbutz Avivim. I mourn for the soldiers, but at least they had a chance; they were armed and theatened other armed men. The two children were doing nothing except playing.

Just as Lebanese children are dying, since Israeli bombs don't distinguish between Hizbollah terrorists and children. When Hizbollah decides to stop firing rockets on Israel, and stops threatening Israeli communities in the north, then the dying will stop in both Israel and Lebanon.

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