Sunday, August 26, 2012

For the Roma in Hungary, it is the 1930s again

Hungary's Far-Right Calls for Zero Tolerance Against Roma.

The right-wing Hungarian party Jobbik called for "zero tolerance" against Roma "crime and parasitism" today. The Roma are treated very badly all over eastern Europe and now the Jobbik party says, "We need to roll back these hundreds of thousands of Roma outlaws. We must show zero tolerance towards Roma crime and parasitism." The chairman of the party, Gabor Vona said that the EU should "adopt several hundred thousand of our citizens for a few years and try to educate them in European culture. Once they have succeeded, we can welcome them back."

Well, at least Jobbik isn't calling for their extermination, but they have completely demonized the Roma and see them as nothing but criminals and parasites. This kind of sentiment in Hungary has already led to attacks upon Roma. What is it that Jobbik really wants to do with or to the Roma? Dehumanizing language like this tends to be the next step in bringing further persecution upon an unwanted part of a population - it justifies violence against all Roma.

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