Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Iran war fear factor is starting to settle in

Ami Kaufman of +972 magazine writes about how the Iran war fear factor is starting to settle in. He also went to the anti-war demo on Sunday night against war with Iran.
Yesterday, as the anti-war demo in front of Ehud Barak’s house was winding down, I spoke to an old friend. We agreed that what bothered us most was not the fact that most people don’t think there will be a war, or that some people do. Rather the fact that the people who do think there might be one don’t really care. They’re just not scared. A sort of “it won’t hit us anyway. What are the odds” kind of attitude.

But as a family man, my fear is so much different today. I’m constantly thinking of where my kids are. How close are they to a shelter? How fast will I be able to get to them if the sirens start? Will I be able to communicate with my wife who gets them if the phones are down? Will they be willing to wear a gas mask? I imagine their little faces in gas masks and choke up.

How would I even explain it to a 5-year-old and 3-year old? What are the words to even begin describing the situation to them?

Because kids shouldn’t wear gas masks. It’s ridiculous.

This place is fucked up.

Maybe “God” knows why.

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