Monday, May 24, 2004

An amazing story about seven Iraqis, former prisoners under Saddam Hussein whose hands were amputated in Abu Ghraib prison -- For Seven Iraqis, A Vital Part of Life Is Restored). One of the seven men says,
Al Fadhly said that, after a year in hellish prisons and five months in Abu Ghraib, he was almost relieved when he heard he and the eight other merchants were going to be freed after having their hands amputated. "We were the lucky ones," Al Fadhly said. "Others stayed in prison much longer. Thirty thousand in Abu Ghraib went to the hangman's noose." Their trial lasted 30 minutes. Al Fadhly said all nine men believe they were scapegoated by Hussein because his economy was collapsing after the Persian Gulf War, and U.S. currency was anathema to him. Two weeks after the men lost their hands, they said, the law banning trade in foreign currency was thrown out. Hussein had the nine hands brought to him, to be sure the sentence was carried out, said Farhad Taha, an attending physician at the amputations who was later interviewed by Al Fadhly, who now works for the media network.

Amnesty International estimates that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Iraqis had their hands amputated for similar crimes.
What American soldiers did in Abu Ghraib to Iraqi prisoners was horrible and disgusting -- but nonetheless Iraqis have been freed from a monstrous regime.

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