Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hmm. According to U.S. Senator Ernest Hollings (D-South Carolina), it's Israel's and the Jews' fault that the U.S. invaded Iraq -- Bush's failed Mideast policy is creating more terrorism. And who are the Jews to blame? Paul Wolfowitz (Deputy Defense Secretary), Richard Perle (former assistant sec'y of defense under President Reagan, former chair of the Defense Policy Board), and Charles Krauthammer. Wow, that gives a lot of power to one conservative Jewish newspaper columnist! Funny that Senator Hollings picks out the Jewish names and doesn't refer to more obvious (and more powerful) non-Jewish figures -- Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney, both of whom were also eager to invade Iraq. On this topic, see also, Not so gentle rhetoric from the gentleman from South Carolina.

Well, here's where Hollings digs himself in even deeper -- Sen. Hollings' Floor Statement Setting the Record Straight on his Mideast Newspaper Column. Here's a truly bizarre part of his statement: "The papers are the ones that pointed out Wolfowitz, Pearle, and Charles Krauthammer were of the Jewish faith. They are the ones who brought all this Semitism in there." I must say, I haven't read the word "Semitism" standing on its own since the news a year or so back about the conference on "Semitism" held at the (now defunct) Zayed Center.

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