Friday, May 21, 2004

More interesting blogs that I've recently been reading: Heimishtown, subtitled, "Thoughts, rants, and other junk from a veibel on the net," by an Orthodox woman. Her most recent posting is on the current controversy over human hair sheitels (wigs) from India that many Orthodox women wear, which may contravene the prohibition against benefiting from idolatry (the hair may be cut as part of a Hindu ritual). (For more information, see the New York Times on this topic: "Rabbis' Rules and Indian Wigs Stir Crisis in Orthodox Brooklyn." A follow-up article tells about burning the wigs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: "Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn Burn Banned Wigs."

Hasidic Rebbele is also from an Orthodox woman (I think), who also addresses the sheitel question. The Shaigetz - Doing it maai vey, from an Orthodox man in Britain, also addresses the sheitel controversy, this time from a man's perspective. Hirhurim - Musings is a blog from an Orthodox rabbi on various halakhic questions, who also discusses the sheitel issue.

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