Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gay Pride in Jerusalem

Next Thursday, the gay pride parade is scheduled for Jerusalem (organized by the Jerusalem Open House), and the haredim, on schedule, have threatened to stop it by force. According to an article in yesterday's Jerusalem Post, which I can't seem to find online, a protest is planned for Sunday evening - with the expectation that it will turn violent.

When I was here last year it was considerably before the planned Worldpride gay march, but nonetheless all over the city haredi protesters had put up disgusting signs denouncing the march. Those signs have reappeared, even in areas of the city that are not predominantly haredi, such as Emek Refaim St. They read "God hates immorality." A clever person rewrote one of the signs on Emek Refaim, so that it reads instead "God hates hatred."

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