Sunday, June 17, 2007

Updates on the Palestinians

Abu Mazen has dissolved the Hamas-led Palestinian government and established a new government with no Hamas ministers. He has also outlawed the Hamas armed groups - the Executive Force and the military wing, Izz A Din al-Qassam. Even though I'm listening to Israel Radio and reading the newspapers, it's not very easy to figure out what this means. Some blogs are providing some very good analyses, however. Yael, at Oleh Girl has been following events very closely. She is part of a group blog, Good Neighbours, which includes bloggers from the Middle East, including Ramzi S., from Ramallah - the comments on this post are particularly interestingn. Through Yael I also discovered a new blog - Conflict Blotter, written by Charles Levinson, the Mideast correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph, who has been reporting directly from Gaza. His latest post is on the 48 hours leading up to civil war.

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