Monday, June 18, 2007

Jerusalem morning with protests

I'm sitting here in my apartment listening to the flute playing coming in through the open window, on one side, and the birds singing, on the other side - a very pleasant morning, and I hope to go to the library today and get some work done on my paper on the images of demons in the Babylonian magical bowls.... but before leaving I was reading the news online and came across the Ynet article on the Haredi protest last night against the Jerusalem gay pride parade.

According to Ynet, about 10,000 people protested in Haredi neighborhoods - there was some violence (burning of trash bins, stoning of policemen) but it was quickly squelched. Apparently the police had a number of undercover officers dressed as Haredim in among the protesters. The gay parade is still on, as of now - with 7,000 policeman planned to be deployed to protect the marchers. We will see....

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