Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pashkevils for Gay Rights

Ynet has an exquisite story about a pro-gay pashkevil - the big posters put up in Haredi neighborhoods to exhort people to act against what the authors consider to be immoral - pasted all over Haredi neighborhoods in Jerusalem, probably by the Meretz youth organization (Meretz is an Israeli leftwing political party).

Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox residents thought they were dreaming Monday morning, when they encountered an unlikely sight on the city's public notice board – a "pashkevil" endorsing the gay pride parade, scheduled to take place in the capital on Thursday.

The flyer, signed by "Citizens for an equal, sane Israel" called upon all citizens of Jerusalem to take part in the parade, caused an outraged among the ultra-Orthodox community.

Beginning in the traditional pashkevil manner, the flyer called upon its readers to "hail the call of the shofar," but continues in the none-traditional way by "warning against the hate and incitement…God have mercy of those who slander against their brethren.

"…Let us come with our masses to this great, peaceful, dignified and democratic march and defy the minority inciting us to violence," continued the flyer. "Hatred is a dangerous, infections disease. Let us all prove that Judaism does not mean fascism and bloodshed."

The pashkevil, illustrated with a drawing of two men holding hands, ends with a call to the city's residents, of all religious affiliations, to take part in the parade.

Ynet has learned that the "Citizens for an equal, sane Israel" group is believed to be associated with Meretz youth.

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