Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Update: Anti-Arab "Demonstration of Fury" in Jerusalem - now to oppose ceasefire with Hamas

Update -

The organizers of this revolting march have changed the reason for the march, since the war with Hamas began a couple of days ago. Now, the slogan is: "Emergency demonstration in Jerusalem: No to a ceasefire with Hamas." The path of the march has changed to, to go from Kikar Zion to the Prime Minister's House. I assume they'll continue to have racist chants and attempts to attack Arab passersby. The is the new photo:

"To the End"
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In case you wondered about who was organizing the racist, anti-Arab demonstrations across the country, here is the Facebook announcement for one of them.

הפגנת זעם! מפסיקים לשתוק לתוקפנות הערבית!
ביום שני ט"ז תמוז-14.7 נצעד כולנו מכיכר ציון בירושלים לשער שכם עם דגלי ישראל ועם מסר צלול וברור לתוקפנות הערבית- אנחנו כאן בעלי הבית! מתאספים בכיכר ציון בשעה 18.30 
Demonstration of fury! Stop the silence in the face of Arab aggression. 

On Monday, July 7, we will all march from Kikar Zion in Jerusalem to Damascus Gate with Israeli flags and a clear and simple message to Arab aggression: Here we are the masters (literally: owners of the house)! We will gather at Kikar Zion at 6:30 pm.
A response by one of the commenters:
There will be beatings at this demonstration                     (:   יהיה מכות בהפגנה הזאת
Currently, 1.3K people have signed up to go this march.

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