Saturday, July 05, 2014

"Arabs and Jews Refuse to Be Enemies"

Jews and Arabs demonstrated: “We refuse to be enemies”

In addition to demonstrations by Israeli Arabs, tonight in Haifa there was a joint demonstration [of Jews and Arabs] with the slogan, “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.” Opposite from the 300 demonstrators were about 30 people who called them a fifth column and traitors, and the police kept order.

Ahiya Raved, Ynet, July 5, 11:10 pm (my translation from Hebrew)

About 300 people from the left demonstrated tonight (Saturday) in the Carmel center in Haifa under the slogan, “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.” Opposite them about 30 people demonstrated, holding Israeli flags. Among the demonstrators was MK Dov Khenin (Hadash), who called on the government to work for peace and refrain from escalation and inciting urges.

On the left side of the road Sederot Ha-Nasi members of Hadash and Meretz stood, waving a variety of red and green flags, and also Israeli flags next to Palestinian flags. They held up signs against the occupation, against racism, and called for dismantling the settlements and establishing a “Palestinian state alongside Israel.”

Across from them dozens of people stood and waved Israeli flags and they called “For Israel!”, “Traitors to Gaza,” “Death to terrorists”, “Fifth column,” etc. Many drivers who passed the place shouted out reproaches to the leftist demonstrators.

Several dozens of police officers and Border Police, under the command of the Haifa district police commander Avi Edri, stood between the demonstrators of the left and the right and made certain that the tension between them did not turn to violence.

In the last weeks there have been a number of demonstrations of the Arab public for many reasons, among them release of the Palestinian prisoners, etc. On the opposite side, this week in Haifa there were many demonstrations organized by Likud Youth in the city.

In Upper Nazareth many hundreds of people demonstrated tonight against the demonstrations today in Wadi Ara. The demonstrators threw stones and shouted slogans against Israeli Arabs. The mayor of the city of upper Nazareth Alex Gedalkin called upon the demonstrators not to use violence.

Update - This is a photo of a poster with the slogan "Arabs and Jews Refuse to be Enemies" on it. I took it at the demonstration on Wednesday night, in front of the Prime Minister's House.

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