Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Facebook page: "The people of Israel want revenge"

A couple of days ago, someone or someones created a Facebook group called עם ישראל דורש נקמה - "The people of Israel want revenge." This group was created in response to the kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish teenagers, Gil-Ad Shear, Naftali Fraenkel, and Eyal Yifrach, who were buried yesterday in a cemetery in Modi'in.  I looked at the page earlier tonight and found many disturbing, bloodthirsty, violent, and racist photographs and messages asking for revenge for the murders of Gil-Ad, Naftali and Eyal. I just looked at it again, and it appears that they've scrubbed the site of some of the more disgusting images. Before they did this, however, I made screen shots of a number of them, which can be see below, after the jump.

The anonymous members of the group explain what they're looking for:

אנחנו רוצים שתצטרפו אלינו למאבק החשוב הזה!!אז מה לעשות??
צלמו את עצמכם עם הכיתוב "עם ישראל דורש נקמה" זה יכול להיות עם דף, בפלאפון, על הגוף או כל דבר אחר.
(חשיבות רבה יותר לתמונות שלכם עצמכם)
***חיילים וחיילות תשלחו לנו גם אתם***
העלו את התמונות לוול שלנו, או לפוסט הזה, או שתשלחו לנו בהודעה פרטית את התמונה ואנחנו נרכז את כל התמונות לאלבום אחד.

English translation:
"We want you to join us in this important struggle!!
What to do?
Photograph yourself with the phrase, 'The people of Israel want revenge." This could be on a page, on a Pelephone, on your body or on anything else. (The most important is your own pictures).
Male and female soldiers - you should also send to us.
Upload the pictures to our wall, or to this post, or send us a private message with the picture and we will put all of the photographs in one album.
Join in!!!

I've looked through some of the photos uploaded to the Facebook page, and they're very disturbing. The simplest ones just have the words "the people of Israel want revenge" on a piece of paper, a cellphone, or written on the arm or the fingers. Others go beyond the slogan and are particularly bloodthirsty or racist. After the jump, some of the most egregious photos that I found. (I'm doing this so that those who do not wish to see the photos do not have to).

At the top - Now we all know, Rav Kahane was right!
We want revenge!
Death to terrorists!

An eye for an eye

We want revenge
Death to Arabs
The people of Israel lives

On his back - "Revenge"

The people wants revenge

The people of Israel and I want revenge!
The fist inside the Star of David is the symbol of the banned Kahane movement, Kach
On the left, the word "La Familia" refers to an extreme right wing group of supporters of
the Jerusalem football team, Beitar Yerushalayim

Allow the IDF to spray (bullets)

Bibi - the people want revenge ("Netzach Yehudah")

Mr. Bibi - if this had been your son Yair, what would you do? The people want revenge!
We must not give up! Let's start a civil war here - the power will return to our hands!"

The poster says "Kahane was right!"

Below the two rifles, "Revenge" is spelled out in bullets.

Hating Arabs is not racism! It's values!
Israel wants revenge!
Our children, God will wreak vengeance for your blood!

Notice the hand painted in red. Written on the arm it says, "The people of Israel want revenge."

Below the pistol and the beret is drawn the symbol 
for the Mishmar ha-Gevul, the Border Police
Below that - "we want revenge"


  1. Wow. It's rare that I use the word atrocious in its literal sense, but this is really atrocious. Thanks for sharing the images, as awful as they are.

  2. I thought it was important to document them. Apparently this particular page was closed down by Facebook after a couple of days (actually, just after I gathered these pictures), but last night, when I was making this page, I discovered other Facebook groups with similar images.