Monday, July 14, 2014

Honenu, defenders of those accused of murdering Muhammad Abu Khdeir, excuse murder

Honenu, the organzation that is defending the suspects in the Abu Khdeir case, writes on its website that, "Soldiers and civilians who find themselves in legal entanglements due to defending themselves against Arab aggression, or due to their love for Israel, have an organization that will come to their aid 24 hours a day."

How does the brutal murder of an Arab boy fit into the categories of "defending" against Arab aggression or "loving" Israel?

In the English version of the article from yesterday which said that the accused will be pleading temporary insanity, "The group said that defending these suspects was in keeping with its mission.
'Given the crazy, abnormal situation in the country, it’s natural that among the many people who approach us, some have been emotionally scarred by the security situation or by difficult personal circumstances and responded accordingly,' Honenu chief Shmuel Medad told the newspaper Besheva. 'Apparently this is such a case.'”

A disgusting justification for murder.

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