Thursday, July 24, 2014

Massive protests in West Bank: thousands of Palestinians in Kalandia, marching for Gaza

Right now, in Kalandia, just north of Jerusalem, thousands of Palestinians have marched from Ramallah to protest Israeli actions in Gaza.
Translation: Kalandia - as it has not appeared since the days of the intifada: thousands of Palestinians marched there this evening for Gaza. Report: One Palestinian killed, and almost a hundred injured. Model of a rocket. (Photos below from Gal Berger).

From Anshel Pfeffer - apparently two Palestinians have been killed.

According to Just Jerusalem:

According to Gal Berger:
Translation: Already before the events in Kalandia, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority called to the Palestinian public to participate tomorrow in marches for Gaza all over the West Bank, after the afternoon prayers in the mosques. 
Question: is this the beginning of the third intifada, which many people have been fearing?

Some reports - between 30,000 and 50,000 people in Kalandia now.

More from Just Jerusalem:
From Shibley Telhami:
Miriam Shaviv, being wise:
From Hatzolah Israel:

From Noga Tarnopolsky:

From Sheera Frenkel:
From Benjamin Silverstein:
Also Sheera Frenkel:

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