Friday, July 04, 2014

Funeral of Muhammad Abu Khdeir and its aftermath

The photo above shows a giant banner on a building with the photo of Muhammad Abu Khdeir. The funeral is scheduled for this afternoon in Shuafat, and the police are very nervous that there will be renewed violence.

Ynet story on the funeral and riots in East Jerusalem:

Arab youths and police forces clashed in several areas in Jerusalem's Old City including the Temple Mount, ahead of the funeral of Muhammed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian youth killed in a possible Jewish revenge attack.

His funeral began as soon as the traditional Friday Muslim prayer ended, and thousands were expected to attend.

During the funeral Dozens of Arabs youths, some wearing masks, clashed with police forces as Muhammad Abu Khdeir was laid to rest.

The youths pelted police forces with stones in the Ras al-Amud and Wadi al-Joz neighborhoods, while police forces attempted to disperse the protest by firing stun grenades. 

Translation: Shuafat: hundreds gather around the youth's house and wait for his body. The funeral will go from the nearby mosque. "We don't want to see Zionists/settlers, get out of here." "With our blood and our souls we will save the martyr (shahid)."

From Haaretz:

Latest updates:
1:20 P.M. Palestinians clash with IDF troops in several locations in Ramallah area: Stones, firebombs hurled at IDF troops, who respond with fire, injuring eight: One Palestinian injured by live fire, five from non-lethal fire, and two from inhaling tear gas. 
1:02 P.M. Dozens of young Palestinian men attempting to break through police's blockade of Jerusalem Old City are pushed back with crowd-control measures.
Police and stone-throwers clashed in the nearby neighborhood of Ras al-Amud, meanwhile. (Nir Hasson)

From Gal Berger, reporter for Reshet Bet, Israel Radio - "Shuafat: reporting about thousands at the place. Prayer over the body of the murdered boy, in the mourners' tent that was erected next to the house. At the end the body will be buried. And after that: a balagan, I guess..."

Gal Berger: "Shuafat: in the last few minutes, twice there was automatic weapons fire during the funeral for Muhammad Abu Hdeir. The shooting was received with applause by the crowd."

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